Freitag, 6. April 2018

Greetings From ITALANDIA / Postcard

It's time again. I am collecting some extra cash-flow for my upcoming travels to Italy. So this is your chance to get a hand-written postcard from Italy with a hand-drawn Teddy Trooper doodle, original post stamps on the postcard and scratches and kinks from its long way via snail-mail from Italy to your post box. Limited quantity offered!

I am collecting orders untill Sunday night April 8th 2018.
 Get it here:

Mittwoch, 4. April 2018

Vandals Of The Universe / New T-Shirt

After a couple of sneak-peaks i have finally holding my new t-shirt (design) in hands today.
The design/concept came along while working on that "Moment Of Toy Unboxing" t-shirt design for the comic convention in Mexico City last year. It took a while untill i found some time to finish up the complex illustration. Also i wanted to give it a retro/vintage look'n'feel. So i made some oldschool silkscreen miss-print effects and rough grid for mixing colors by using only 4 original colors in purpose. I have to admit i like the result!
Finally i came to terms with some childhood memories (Hi Xavi!).
I am also planing to do a limited print run soon after my upcoming travels then.

The t-shirt is available now in limited stock here at the supermarket:

Rehbock & Lidlsucks

Thanx #montanacans for the new shoes.
Lidlsucks by #germesgang
#werbung #advertisment by a #socialmedia #incontinenseler

Dienstag, 3. April 2018

"The Great Escape" / New T-Shirt Design For DAF

DAF (Dicht-Am-Fisch) just released this new t-shirt i did the design for them. They are doing fishing related street(river!?)-wear and so this time i wanted to tell a bit of the story of things happen when you go out for fishing but your catch just... escapes! True stories!
"Manchmal verliert man — und manchmal gewinnen die anderen!"

This time we have a few copies in our shop so you can get the t-shirt directly from us with your other things ordered!

"I Am Board" / Skateboard Art Show @TOYCON UK London/UK

I am part of the "I am Board" group show at the TOYCON UK convention in a few days. The show features original artwork on skateboard decks. I turned my "Espresso Kanne"-Trooper from the "Italandia"-print into a full shape design. Handpainted acrylic on wood. The gallery space will be on booth 22 (see floor plan here)

All the decks will be for sale online here:

The decks & webstore will go live 10am on Saturday April 7th 2018 as doors open to the convention!
So mark the date on your calendar and stay tuned!

"Swiss Watches" / Group Show Paris/FR

"Swiss Watches" - A group show curated by KOLLY GALLERY at the pop-up gallery space ESPACE OPPIDUM in Paris/FR.
Opening on April 12th / 6pm
More details see flyer below.

I will show 8 new canvases there for the first time!
(ups!... now you have seen the DIAMANTENFIEBER already...)
Btw: i also did the logo icon design.... ;-)

Bye-Bye Facebook! (in eigener Sache)

It was just about time to do so. #cambridgeANALytica was just the last straw...
The hack is dead! Gnadenschuss für den lahmen Gaul!
So i shut down my FB accounts forever (it still takes two weeks to finally proceed...)

But as i am not going to hide in a cave...
you can still follow me on MarkZ's other evil network: